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What the Jeep?

A recent service experience with a Jeep now confirms where the next tipping point will be, or is currently, in the dealership/automotive business.

Looking for assistance to what, I thought, was a simple service question now requires a previously scheduled appointment. To which I inquired, when is the next available appointment? How about 4 weeks from today? Yes, 4 weeks. As confirmed by many of my industry contacts, service centers are struggling to meet the demand and schedules are significantly backed up.

It's another problem that Steve at Automotive Solutions can help with, with a little planning.

There has been an ongoing shortage of skilled mechanics and service writers. Management in the service departments have been under pressure for years, even pre the "C" word. Covid just accelerated the problem. It has now become an accepted challenge to schedule an appointment at a dealership.

Solution: skip the dealership (except for warranty work), find a reliable service station, and save about $70.00 per hour in comparative labor rates.

For more ways around this problem, and additional cost saving opportunities contact Steve at

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