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Where do we go from here? My thoughts on the future of the car industry

So where is the car industry going? I wish I knew exactly, however I do have a well formulated opinion, some may call a guess.

The daily news reports of a softening of new car prices, along with the high cost of used cars? Hmmmm...makes me wonder

Let's unpack the suitcase or by car talk fill the gas tank. Year end is here for the car business, ads are starting to pop up on TV and radio and word is prices are getting "better" . I hope you like the exact car they are pushing, otherwise forgettttabout it. Its car specific. Everything else is pre-ordered or expensive. Used cars have recently taken a hit in value causing dealers to add additional fees, trying to recoup the losses when they purchased inventory at the wrong time. Sort of like Apple stock at 300 when its now under 100, you get my point.

I recently tried to set up a service appointment. as I usually do for my customers, I am still waiting for the call back, it's been 30 days. When I was able to resolve the problem, at another dealership my first appointment was the week before Thanksgiving, and you guessed no loaners. You're looking at the new normal. I have been told Infiniti is closing its White Plains location, at the end of the year. Where are those customers going? New Jersey, Connecticut? So much for the new no service model.

Let's address be it briefly, what is happening now! Electric vehicles are being added to the production lines at every manufacturer. Some sooner, and better than others. Wait time for most of those cars are 6 months if not longer. With combustion engine cars still in production, how would you like to be in charge of that production line? Confusion over hybrid, plug in hybrid, and Ev's still persist. Customers still need an education on what best fits their exact needs.

Not specifically my opinion, but those who maybe smarter than I. This country's "grid" is nowhere near ready for the influx of many more electric vehicle customers. Charging stations, battery production, and how about what to do with those batteries once their useful life expires, are just some of the unresolved questions.

Still I wonder, where do we go from here?

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