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"So what do you do for work?”

At a recent Rotary Club gala, I met a successful real estate agent. The conversation led him to ask "So what do you do for work?” Automotive Solutions is a business that helps consumers with questions they may have about managing the cars they own or lease - from service questions to help with locating lost titles and everything in-between.

Before I was able to finish my sentence, he chimed in. What a brilliant idea, I have often wondered why nobody treats car buyers with the same attention to detail as real estate agents treat home buyers.

In his book Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters: A Guide for the Client-Oriented Future of the Real Estate Industry, my new real estate friend, Joe Rand, writes, “I think a lot of people, particularly those who get spooked by the car-buying process, would be willing to pay a few hundred dollars… for that kind of service."

Joe later said I could steal his idea, to which I said, “Joe, I have been running a business to help customers for years, no theft will be necessary.”

Unsolicited reinforcement from a professional who values his time and appreciates exceptional service, confirming what I know and have been told by my esteemed clients. Automotive Solutions is on to something and our service brings real value.

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