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More about Leases

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Consumers are constantly being misled about the value of turning in their leased car early.

For one thing, manufacturers, especially Ford and Volvo, have made it almost impossible to return a leased vehicle without writing a check, and a big one at that. Car manufacturers have been changing the lease return rules, it seems every month, and adding exorbitant fees.

Secondly, the wholesale market for preowned cars is very fluid. Prices at auction can dip by $1000’s weekly. With over 15 years of dealership sales experience, let Automotive Solutions be your guide to identify the real – and real-time – equity in your vehicle.

If you are attempting to buy out your lease, be warned that the lienholder on your

account could be a major stumbling block in your attempt. If your lienholder is the actual manufacturer (i.e., IFS/Nissan, for Infiniti or Nissan) you are protected. On the reverse side, third-party financial institutions Santander, US Bank, and Ally make it almost impossible for you to buyout your lease. Check in with Steve @ Automotive Solutions for a more detailed conversation and breakdown of the facts.

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