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Getting your Infiniti serviced!

Last month the Infiniti dealership (Pepe) in White Plains closed its doors for sales and service.

I have received many phone calls and emails from existing customers who have concerns about where they should go for service now.

I am more than happy to help pick up some of the pieces.

Customers who "had" a relationship with the Pepe Auto Group are concerned about what choices they have now and feel left in the dark.

Let me help by explaining what “Service” means and how it should be handled.

Service is broken up into 2 components, warranty work, and day to day oil changes and tire replacement.

Warranty work can only be done at an Infiniti dealership (there are no existing Infiniti dealerships in Westchester due to the closing of Pepe Infiniti) to keep your existing warranty intact. The day to day "stuff" can be done almost anywhere.

Creatures of habit that we all are, now find it a challenge about who to trust when it comes to fixing their car.

I have the answer: Steve Goldberg at Automotive Solutions!

Call me, and we can work together to get your Infiniti the service it requires.


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