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Considering an Electric Car?

Electric car sales represent about 10% of total car sales in the US, in fact I saw a story that Tesla "bested" BMW for luxury car sales in 2022.

Not surprising given the inventory shortages experienced world wide. Electric cars are here to stay and that is obvious. Talking to industry experts there still seems to be production and execution hiccups. Some electric trucks are being discontinued because the batteries simply can't' hold a charge that produces industry standard miles per charge. If additional weight is added to the payload, the batteries are inferior.

The new Mercedes Benz SUV, initial introduction has been a failure. The cars are not selling as expected, and they are being heavily discounted. Is there to much competition, is the the product poorly constructed, I am not sure. Time will tell

The importance of knowing about how to protect one's family and property when electric cars are plugged in at one's house doesn't seem to get enough attention. Buy the electric cars. Don't lease them, and please make yourself familiar with the type of battery and how to extinguish a fire, or better yet prevent one.

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