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Car buying advice for 2024

We quickly moved on from a wet summer, to a very nice fall. Not much

has changed in the world of Automotive Solutions, the same goes for

buying and locating that next car to park in the driveway. The word I

would use these days is cautious. Let me explain, I have been shopping

for a specific car for almost 3 weeks. We found the right car, priced well

and clean. With over $3000 of fees, not negotiable, the car was quickly

scratched from the list of choices. When looking for a car on Long

Island, and perhaps other locations, you will be charged $1000 extra if

you are not financing or trading in a car for “inventory”. These are some

of the re inventions dealerships have pivoted to in order to make

money. What happened to the days of higher pricing, no fee’s and

being able to negotiate? Gone, gone, gone. I can help to make the

process easier, and save you the time. These are just a few examples of

how consumers need to be cautious.

I try to post and send relevant information for my customers to read

about the car industry. As we now look at 3 months until years end

there are some inherent industry factors that may influence you when

looking to purchase or lease that next car. Let’s be more specific:

1. All, if not most 2023 model year cars have been sold. So, 2024’s

are on the lot and already more money.

2. Some EV rebates are disappearing.

3. Hybrid and EV options, new or used, car or suv are limited. Still

being sold at a premium.

4. Used car pricing and inventory is still “head scratching.” I do not

see much changing as we close the year, and likely to be the new

reality moving forward.

5. The UAW strike will cause long term problems for most US

automakers. The obvious is inventory, but what about parts not

being made, or recalls being able to be fixed. Depending on when

the strike gets settled look for disruption.

6. Cars not made in the US will become more expensive, wait they

already are. So that Honda, Kia, or Hyundai, are starting to raise


7. Color choices, inside and out, “forget about it.” Be prepared to be

flexible and have a few choices ready.

8. Without the help of industry insiders like Steve @ Automotive

Solutions consumers will spend countless of hours researching

their next car, perhaps over pay, and become frustrated,

distracting them from other more important projects at home or


So, in closing the year that is 2023, remember to contact me with

any automotive questions you may have. New or used? Sell my

car? Keep this car or trade it in? I just totaled my car, now what?

Can you help me get a car in another state? Want to ship a car? I

think you got the hint…Thank you for trusting me to assist.

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