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Before you contact a dealer: Consider this

As many of you already know, I am recovering (very well thank you) from double hip surgery. Once my physical therapist found out I was in the car business he bestowed to me a project of finding him a new Kia. So does it take double hip surgery to gain new customers now, boy is that a rough road to travel. Let me rethink that plan for a few minutes.

Back to my point, he contacted a few dealers on his own, they all wanted him present to "discuss" the offer, with the typical rhetoric that I once used, and hear all the time from rookies in the industry. A busy guy, like us all, I couldn't help it, and jumped in. I introduced myself to a few dealers over the phone, explained to them how Automotive Solutions works, and we cut right to the chase. All the facts (or not) were exposed immediately and we are moving forward on a transaction. How about that. No more back and forth calls, no trips to Albany, and while it still may take a few months to get the car, it seems everyone has time to wait for what they want.

Personally, if I may say so, call Steve@ Automotive Solutions 914-266-2215,

skip the hip surgery unless you need it.

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