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Do I buy out my lease, or perhaps extend my lease?

Summer has always been a slow time for the automotive industry. This summer

was no different. Consumers have become very “wary” and hesitant about the

next car buying decision. Do I buy out my lease, or perhaps extend my lease? I

want to wait until the end of the year, there will surely be sales, right? Maybe I

should look at a used car? What is your opinion of the electric car market? These

are just some of the many questions presented to me at Automotive Solutions.

I always answer these questions by asking a few probing questions of my own,

because it’s not a 1-word answer or 3-minute conversation. There are too many

variables to consider when looking at your next car. Why? Because for years

consumers would simply rollover into a new lease, or new car, without regard to

price. Car prices did not change much, interest rates were consistent and low, and

it became habitual to land that new car. Not anymore.

Pricing is now close to list price or greater, interest rates are higher than they

have ever been, inventory is still a major problem, especially with the current

strike announced against the 3 major US auto makers, dealerships are under

immense pressure to make money, and the selection of most electric vehicles has

become complicated with possible pullback of Federal tax credits, depending on

the brand of choice.

Your advantage in speaking with me is that I have experience answering most, if

not all, of your questions. In the event I am unable to answer a question, I know

where to go to find the answer. My opinion is that, for the foreseeable future, the

consumer will need a trusted ally on their side to help navigate the very bumpy

road ahead when buying their next car. Which is why I am here - not to only save

you money but also to assist in you time management for what used to be a fun

experience, car shopping.

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